You may have gotten a weird text from Rite-Aid this week. We investigated to see if it's legit.

Central New Yorkers have received text messages encouraging the receiver to sign up for free COVID-19 testing, and then providing a link to register. With all the phishing emails and texts circulating, you're right to be suspicious.

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This text is legit, however. 

The New Hartford Rite-Aid on Commercial Drive is among the sites across the United States offering free COVID-19 testing. The New Hartford test location requires that you are symptomatic in order to be tested. The link with take you to, where you'll provide information to determine if you're eligible for testing and to register.

Credit: Michael Martyniuk
Credit: Michael Martyniuk

It's always good to be suspicious of text messages that ask you to provide personal information. In this case, however, the link is legit.

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