Central New York has a cheese guy. We know in the middle of farmland, there's a lot of cheese to be had, but we didn't know there was a 'guy' - until today.

This all started when we saw a friend post of Facebook about the "cheese guy." Like a lot of the people who posted, I didn't even know this was a thing. Of course, I needed to know more.

Here's the scoop:

There's a guy, Mike Haritos - from the "Isle De Formaggio" in Scarsdale, NY - who comes up to Utica every so often with cheese. And not just any cheese, but the most unusual, gourmet, crazy delicious cheeses ever. He sets up shop at The Other Side on Genesee Street on the appointed day and sells his cheese. Most recently, he was also at the chapel on Kossuth Avenue in Utica, too.

We hear he's due back on October 26th and 27th. The best way to be sure is probably to follow him on his Facebook page.

Now, don't let this dissuade you from getting cheese from some of the most awesome local farmers too - like the Grassy Cow and their amazing cheese curds, or Jones Family Farm, who makes a goat cheese I would like as my last meal.

But everybody needs a guy. Now you've got a cheese guy.

We hear there's a fish guy who comes to the New Hartford Shopping Center. Anyone know about him? Email me at beth@lite987.com

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