5 Utic a Fish Fry's
Lent season is here, and many of us are forgoing the traditional meat centered dishes, and opting for fish dinners instead. There are a handful of Utica area fish fries for you to check out.
Now in the Great Lakes?
The invasive fish species known as Asian Carp may now have infested the Great Lakes system - meaning the fight to contain the giant fish to the Mississippi river and its tributaries may have failed.
‘More Fish… Less Alzheimer’s,’ Says New Research — Health Check
Researchers have narrowed down the task of warding off Alzheimer’s disease into a simple one — eating more fish. In a new study, 260 people with an average age of 71 were followed to see how much fish they ate and how it was prepared. The results showed those who ate baked or broiled fish on at least a weekly basis were much less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or mild mental impairment. Rea
How to Spike French Onion Dip
Even thought it's not Friday, I decided to treat myself to a baked fish dinner with a copious amount of malt vinegar on the side.  Dressing a breaded piece of fish with malt vinegar is a taste I came to later in life and now really enjoy.