Divorce is the death of a marriage, and is usually such a sad moment. One couple however, was able to see the good in the circumstances, and posted a 'happy' picture of the end of their relationship.

Shannon and Chris Neuman After the Divorce
Photo Credit: Shannon Neuman via Facebook

The last thing anyone wants to do after getting married, is end up getting divorced. Statistics are not in your favor, though - with more than half of marriages ending that way. One couple happened to be part of those statistics - Chris and Shannon Neuman.

The reason why their story is so important? Well, unlike most divorces, they didn't result to fighting or making the situation messy. They realized things didn't work out between each other and it was time to end the marriage. The (ex)couple teaches everyone a valuable lesson - about being there for their kids, no fighting, no picking sides - two parents who just don't live together anymore.

Global News reported the 'Divorce Selfie' story earlier, and this is what they had to say...


Most divorces don't have a happy ending like this one. Even though the end of their marriage is still sad, Chris and Shannon handled the situation better than most people - and for that, we thank them! Hopefully this message can get passed along, hopefully more divorced families can learn to respect each other, and be civilized - especially for the children. Think about it - They're setting such a great example for their kids, and hopefully other parents will learn to do the same.




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