Earlier I brought you the story of a Dewitt man trying to collect one million bottles and cans, to raise money for breast cancer. Today I got the chance to talk to him and see how his mission was going.

Laurence Segal - Collecting One Million Bottles and Cans for Breast Cancer
Photo by: Nicole Macris

Last week I first brought you the story of Laurence Segal - the man taking on a huge challenge of collecting one million cans and bottles in an effort to raise money in the fight against breast cancer. He's taking his challenge all over Central New York, hoping people will donate - even if it's just one bottle. The most important part? Every single dollar goes to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Every. Single. Dollar.

And he's making it easy for others to help. He's offering to pick up bottles and cans from locations all over Central New York, he's going to have a booth set up at the Great New York State Fair, and that's just a small piece of all that he's doing.

Today I got the chance to talk to Laurence about his efforts, and get a little more in-depth look at what he's doing. We talked about what first gave him this idea to start collecting all these bottles and cans, and we talked about where the money was going, and how others can help. Check out the exclusive interview below!


As of right now, Laurence has just over 210,000 bottles and cans. He's hoping to collect the majority of the rest at the New York State Fair. Make sure if you're there, you stop by his booth and drop off a bottle or can - every single one counts!





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