Father’s Day is significant for many, yet for nearly a third of divorced dads in New York, this day will be spent apart from their children.

According to a survey conducted by Mixbook, involving 3,000 divorced fathers, 29% of these dads will not be spending Father’s Day 2024 with their kids. This survey sheds light on struggles and celebrations for these fathers:

The Survey Findings

The survey revealed that more than 1 in 5 divorced dads (22%) nationwide will miss out on spending Father’s Day with their children. This issue is especially worse in Georgia, where 38% of divorced fathers reported they wouldn't be seeing their kids on this special day. Conversely, only 9% of dads in Arkansas face this situation, indicating regional disparities in the experiences of divorced fathers.

Holidays That Matter Most

The survey also explored which holidays divorced dads value most for spending time with their children. 34% of fathers prioritize their children’s birthdays. Christmas is next, with 23% highlighting its cultural and familial significance. Father's Day itself is important for 22% of dads, despite the challenges they face. Summer vacations are valued by 11%, and 8% of dads consider Thanksgiving the most important holiday for family togetherness.

Ideal Father’s Day Activities

When it comes to celebrating Father’s Day, divorced dads have clear preferences for how they would like to spend the day with their children. 40% of respondents indicated that having brunch with their kids is the ideal way to start the day. Following this, 20% enjoy watching a movie or playing games at home, activities that allow for relaxed, quality time together. Outdoor activities such as hiking are favored by 15%, and another 14% of dads find joy in working on DIY projects together. 11% prefer watching or playing sports, which can strengthen familial bonds through shared interests.

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