Good news for dads! You now have the perfect place to enjoy time with your family for free this Father's Day.

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The Utica Zoo is offering all dads the opportunity to visit the park for free on Sunday, June 19th. This gives families the perfect opportunity to spend the day together celebrating dad, while entertaining the kids at the same time.

Doesn't matter if you're a stepdad, grandfather, foster dad, or anything in between. You can get free admission to the zoo as long as you bring your kids with you this Father's Day.

Utica Zoo via Facebook
Utica Zoo via Facebook

While you are there you can visit the Sulcata Tortoises, who are finally out in their habitat for the season. They had to wait a while for the perfect weather, but they are all out now happily soaking in the warm summer sun.

If you're curious, their names are Bart, Bob and Roscoe. You can see them in their habitat in the Asian Realm section of the zoo.

Utica Zoo via Facebook
Utica Zoo via Facebook

The zoo has also moved their gift shop temporarily to a new location. It has been shifted to the Auditorium, as the new Visitor Center is currently under construction.

The Utica Zoo is open 363 days a year from 10am until 4:30pm. You can go to their website for special accommodations or more information ahead of your visit.

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