Several cities in multiple states have adopted policies to help slow the spread of coronavirus. One of these is 'One Cart, One Person'. Does CNY need to do the same?

If you've been to the grocery store or Walmart recently, you've probably noticed groups of people shopping together. There may be several members of one family together - spread across the aisle, making social distancing nearly impossible.

In Alabama, the city of Hunstville has implemented a rule called 'One Cart, One Person' which means only one person from a family should be doing the shopping for that family. No bringing the kids, no going with a spouse - get in, get your stuff, and get out.

Of course, opponents will argue - rightly - that single parents may not have the luxury of having someone watch their kids while they shop. On the other hand, most stores offer some form of curbside pickup.

It does seem like people are using shopping for what should only be 'necessities' as a social excursion. A friend that works at a large home improvement store says he's seen people coming in just to browse and wander through aisles "just to get out of the house."


What do you think? Should Central New York stores implement the 'One Cart, One Person' rule? How would that affect you? What have you seen at local grocery stores? Let us know at

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