If you have a drivers license for the State of New York, you probably already know that when your windshield wipers are on then your headlights need to be on, right?

Ok, I thought that the 'Daytime Running Lights' that I have with my car counted as headlights, for the purpose of using the wipers when (during the daytime) it is raining. I also have the headlights that I can leave switched on and they magically turn off when I lock the car.

Is this one of New York States really weird laws no one knows about?

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So, when I went to look into the mysterious laws of the New York State DMV that are on the books but few people actually know about, I came across this. The Daytime Running Lights do not count as headlights during the day, in the rain, on a New York State roadway. 

Wait, so headlights need to be on all the time or just when its raining?

Adverse Driving Conditions

Ok, got it. Turn my lights on or better yet, make sure that they are turned on when it starts to rain, etc. While re-reading a few facts about road rules, I came across a few more 'tips' from the DMV that are just good reminders for all drivers:

What does the NYS DMV say about driving in the rain or fog?

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  • Don't drive with your high beams in the rain, fog or snow, it actually makes it harder for you to see. In these instances, your regular low beams will give you better visibility.
  • I know this one is super hard to do,  but slow down a bit when its raining or snowing. Slowing down, signaling before you normally do and brake a little earlier than normal to allow for stopping in these road conditions.
  • Think your fancy fog lights will save you? While they are great in foggy conditions, they must be correctly installed on your car (vehicle) and be either white or amber in color. Just remember to turn them off, to be courteous to other drivers after the iffy weather.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Proper inflation helps your tire to wear evenly and grip the road surface better.

Remember, if your wipers are on, turn your headlights on! Yes, you on 84, the Thruway, the Taconic, 9, 9 W, etc. It is helpful for others to see you on the road.

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