Teachers at Rome schools are fighting are to keep cursive writing alive in school and they are rewarding students who have impressive penmanship.

Teachers in the Rome City School district decided to have a writing competition that encouraged students to write in cursive to the best of their abilities. The students who hand wrote the best 50 word narratives won gift cards to various Central New York merchants.  Educators are very serious about keeping cursive writing as a part of elementary education.

Patricia Riedel, a former board president helped develop the contest last year. She said cursive is an essential part of academics and that students need to know the fundamentals including, cursive writing.
"It can't be a lost art, because as I say 'if you can't write it, you can't read it."'

Admittedly, I have the worst cursive writing on the planet. I was one of those kids who had a rubber pencil gripper attached to my pencil at all times. It wasn't my choice to use this writing device either. My teachers got fed up with not being able to read my writing. I always came up with the best reasons to excuse my sloppy penmanship: I'm a lefty, my hand hurts, the pencil's broken, the paper's not staying still...and the list goes on and on. My first excuse is probably the most legitimate one of the bunch. Let's face it, being a lefty is challenging! If you're left handed, then you're all too familiar with the pen smudges that accompany most of our writing projects.

Here's a sample of my cursive writing.

Matt Hubbell


I'll be completely honest, it's been ages since I've tried writing in cursive. It took me a little while to remember how to make an "f" and an "l".  Perhaps cursive writing is already a lost art. Do you remember how to write in cursive?

Just Jen and I chatted about this today!



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