Do you have a password on your Internet connection at home? According to a new nationwide survey, 32% of Americans (or one out of three) admit they're stealing their neighbor's Wi-Fi Internet connection.


According to USA Today, If you don't have a password on your wireless Internet router, there's a pretty decent chance someone in the area is leeching off you. Back in 2008, only 18% of people said they were hopping on a neighbor's Wi-Fi connection. Then again, a lot more people have high-speed Internet today than back in '08.

There are two big reasons you should password-protect your connection so that other people can't steal from you: 1) you're paying for that connection, and 2) if your Internet connection isn't secure, someone else could jump on it and easily hack your Facebook password or use your connection to download illegal things and frame you for the charges.

Do you protect your Wi-Fi?

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