How great would it be to take a walk down the street or visit your local park and not have to use that expensive cellular data to surf the internet?

Residents of Chesham’s town center in Buckinghamshire, England are now able to do just that.

According to, the 'Smart Wi-Fi Pavement' pilot program developed by Virgin Media gives residents and tourists alike the option to log into the Wi-Fi and surf the net at speeds of 166 megabits per second, which basically means you can download a 45 minute episode on a streaming video site in about 35 seconds.

Underground access points along the streets use a mixture of fiber optic and other next-gen cable technologies to create an ultra fast Wi-Fi connection that will reach about 260 feet from each access point.

The 'Smart Wi-Fi Pavement' covers most of the center of the town as well as parts of the nearby park.

The pilot plan from Virgin Media is part of the company's drive to satisfy the 10,000% increase in data usage expected by 2025.

Hopefully this works out and municipalities here in America utilize the technology.

I know a lot of people would love to see 'Wi-Fi Pavement' right here in the Utica-Rome area.