The answer to the question in the headline hopefully is a big NOPE. But, you never know, so we figured we'd ask, just to be sure.

There IS a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina serving a Tarantula Burger in observance of Exotic Meats Month. Of course it figures, the town where Duke is located would be offering this item. So, do you think there's a Central New York equivalent? And, if not, what SHOULD the local version be? Our Lite 98.7 test kitchens came up with a few ideas:

Black Fly Burger. They're certainly plentiful in the Adirondacks and can grow almost as big as a tarantula.

Squirrel Burger. It's hard not to think of Rocket J. Squirrel of Rocky & Bullwinkle fame, but the non-cartoon squirrels are a nuisance, so bon appetit.

Chipmunk Burger. It's hard not to think of Alvin and his dray of Christmas-y characters, so just imagine something else, because it probably just tastes like chicken anyway.

Bat Burger. No wings, please.

Crappie Burger. It's a plentiful fish in Central New York, and it's actually pronounced CRAH-pee, but we might pronounce it differently, just for fun, if we served it up at OUR restaurant.

Leach Burger. If you're really lucky, you'd get a leach INSIDE a Crappie atop your burger.

Have you tried or heard about any unique burgers in New York State? Do you have any ideas to add to our list?


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