You love cheeseburgers. Are you willing to drive an hour, two hours, five hours, to sample the best one in New York State?

American's eat around 20 billion burgers a year. However, New York State isn't really adding to that number a ton believe it or not. According to Pantry and Larder, New York is one of the places you’re least likely to be having a burger. We found out we rank almost dead last when it comes to burger cravings. However, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy an amazing burger.

Yelp recently published and compiled the top place from each state to get the dreamiest cheeseburgers.

Slap on your stretchy pants and grab your ketchup, it’s time to explore the top place in each state to grab a cheeseburger."

Who has that honor in New York State? The answer is 7th Street Burger.

7th Street Burger serves classic American smash-burgers for takeout and delivery. They currently have three locations in New York City:

1) 91 E 7th Street, New York NY 10009
2) 110 Macdougal Street, New York NY 10012
3) 1603 2nd Ave, New York NY 10028

Reviews are overall positive on Yelp:

They don't try to fancy this up or have some bells and whistle type set up. They keep it simple and focus on what they should ... make the best, tastiest and most delicious burgers in all the land."

Another review even hits on the amazing fries:

Their fries were nice and crispy and thick, kind of like crispier and thicker Burger King fries; potatoey in flavor and could be more salty but it's fine. They got a nice crunch in Italy with a brittle texture underneath."

Have you ever eaten here? If you have text us on our app and let us know your thoughts.

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