So, we've been experimenting with the new "keto diet," which features low carbs and lots of protein. I enjoy making myself a "keto sandwich," one of which would be a Jimmy John's lettuce wrap "unwich" or my version--a slice of meat between two pieces of cheese.

Beth says that doesn't qualify as a sandwich. I say it does. In order to settle the argument, I opened it up to my Facebook Friends from Central New York and beyond: Does a slice of grilled chicken between two slices of mozzarella cheese qualify as a sandwich? Annnnd...the decision, based on your comments:

-Jeff Monaski, brand manager of our sister station WIBX and a member of the Keeler in the Morning Show, said "Yes...and so is my Oreo cookie between 2 Doritos...definitely a sandwich." (Come on, Jeff, is THAT a thing?)

-Travis Olivera, Director of the Hamilton Public Library, said "Innovative? Yes. Sandwich? Absolutely not."

-Myles Nashton, loan specialist from AmeriCU, said "Anything between two pieces is a sandwich."

-Erch Greig from Ilion said: "Sorry Beth, Dave wins this by definition."

-Jason Ramirez, manager of the Utica Food Truck Association, agrees with me, but says he would call it a "SANG-wich."

-Dave Coombs (no relation), a tech consultant in Canada, said "Sorry namesake, not a sandwich." (He's officially out of the will.)

-Tom Takacs, a farmer and regular at the Utica Public Market, said: "It's cool there are no rules."

-John Brown, top realtor, said "Yes absolutely."

And so, according to our Lite 98.7 afternoon DJ Kaylin Broadwell, "that's a wrap." What are YOUR odd sandwich concoctions?


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