Many of us pay visits to graveyards, especially around this time of the year, for some spooky Halloween fun. But, just be careful. Cemeteries have rules.

There's a cautionary tale from New Hampshire, where a woman has complained that the special Halloween display she made at her son’s grave have been removed on numerous occasions. Christina Wohle decorated the gravesite with a skeleton wearing a cowboy hat. The young man died a few years ago of a heart attack at age 18, just after riding in a rodeo competition. Here's a post on Christina's Facebook page:

The Francestown Cemetery claimed the display was interfering with grass mowing. Wohle disputes that contention, saying there's no grass on her son’s plot.

Many have sided with the cemetery, arguing that the skeleton violates the somber tone of the graveyard. Others on Wohle's side maintain that a cemetery shouldn't always be so serious, and that there's room for a little bit of levity and a celebration of life--as well as grief for the deceased.

What do you think? Should funny displays be allowed at a graveyard?

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