This pooch named Eclipse enjoys the dog park soooo much that she rides the bus to the dog park without her owner!

I used to own a black lab named Kendra. Her mannerisms were very humanlike. Every morning at 6:30, like clockwork she would get out of bed and head down the hall to the bathroom. Of course I didn't let her use the toilet but she would nudge the bathroom door with her nose to let me know she needed to go. Is that strange or what? Why in the world would she not nudge the living room door that actually led to the outdoors?

She also behaved in other humanlike ways: Her morning yawn sounded identical to that of a five year old girl who just got out of bed to greet the day. It was absolutely adorable! Kendra also enjoyed watching television with me. Her favorite show was Sports Center on ESPN.  What was the double irony of this? Not only was Kendra a girl, but she was girl DOG who liked sports! She also enjoyed watching Cartoon Network. To my surprise her favorite was not Scooby-Doo, it was Johnny Bravo!

A pooch in Seattle appears to be part human and part canine too. She instinctively hops on the bus ALONE to head down the road to her favorite place: the dog park. Eclipse knows when to get on, and she knows exactly where to get off!

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