We recently quoted from a Vanderbilt University study claiming dogs are smarter than cats, due to the numbers of neurons their brains contain. Some of our Lite 98.7 Facebook Friends offered pictures and stories trying to prove and disprove the findings.

Karen Fay Teachout's shot of her two loved ones (above) came with the caption SUPERIOR POSITION ALWAYS WINS.

Jim DaRin countered with a pic of his best friend, shown below welcoming him home from the hospital:

Credit: Jim DaRin

Darlene Abbatecola related a wonderful story about how her dog Chico once barked repeatedly to warn them about a kerosene fire that had started in their living room, perhaps saving their lives in the process.

Tough to beat that, but Mike Oshins provided a couple of photo examples, first suggesting the intelligence challenges his dog faces:

Credit: Mike Oshins

Then, by comparison, Mike laid down his trump card with this great snapshot of his cat:

Credit: Mike Oshins

But, Mike, what about the expression "the best things in life are free"? More pictures of your dogs and cats are always welcome for a follow-up. Part 3 of this series awaits....


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