Face masks and covering have been made mandatory by many retails chains in the past week. Now, two retailers will no longer require masks at all of their stores.

Instead, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar will “request” it.

Nearly two weeks ago, the retailers’ policies stated shoppers, vendors, and employees must wear face masks, but now they say they will require masks only if they are mandated by state or local rules.

“In accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are requiring all Associates and vendors to wear face coverings when inside our stores,” the retailers’ updated policy states. “We also request that our customers wear face coverings, and require face coverings where required by state or local ordinance.”

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued an Executive Order back in May authorizing businesses to deny entry to individuals who do not wear masks or face-coverings. The Executive Order builds on the state's ongoing efforts to protect New Yorkers and slow the spread.

After speaking with many who work for retail chains in the Utica-Rome area, who previously didn't have any enforcement other than the Executive Order - they were told from their corporate offices they weren't "allowed to say anything" if someone walked into the store without a mask.

Will be the case with Dollar Tree and Family Dollar now, while other retailers have made mask mandatory to shop?

The stores’ parent company hasn’t said why the change was made.

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