Lady Gaga has always said that her greatest work of art is her mastery of fame. She sought it out ever since the days when she was toiling away as a performer at hole-in-the-wall clubs on the Lower East Side of her native New York City.

However, someone else would like a little credit for Gaga’s success and it’s none other than entrepreneur Donald Trump.

The Donald is staking a claim to Gaga’s fame in his new book, “Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again.”

According to AM NY, Trump writes, “Maybe she became a star because I put her on the Miss Universe Pageant. It’s very possible, who knows what would have happened without it, because she caused a sensation. I really believe I had at least something to do with it.”

In case you weren’t a little monster at the time, Gaga performed her early single ‘Just Dance’ at the pageant in July 2008. She began her rocket ride to fame that fall and ‘Just Dance’ eventually notched six million downloads in January of 2009.

So not only is The Donald responsible for the combover, but he’s also the one who plucked Gaga from obscurity and thrust her onto the national stage. We think it had more to do with her ability to write unforgettable pop songs and her unquenchable thirst to make it, which she so artfully demonstrates in her epic ‘Marry the Night’ video.

At least The Donald is not claiming the end is nigh for Gaga, a la Bill O’Reilly.