When you have children, in many ways, your life is measured in benchmarks: first word, first steps, birthdays, the first day of school, high school graduation, and the first day of college. Oh and their first tattoo. Yeah, that was a shocker for me too.

My daughter came home from her CNY college for Thanksgiving and says "Mom, I did a thing." In the scheme of 'things', there's way worse she could have done, but I was a little shocked to see her first tattoo. I'm not anti-tattoo, but I'm one of those people who can't commit to a color scheme for my bedroom, so the idea of permanently choosing a decoration for my body is a little intimidating.

I did not freak out. 

It could be worse. My cousin's first tattoo was (allegedly) a mustang (the horse, not the car) that looked a lot like My Little Pony.

Eighteen is a really great age if you're the kid, and very trying if you're the parent. Depending on your parenting philosophy, you're trying to give your child enough latitude to venture into adulthood, without giving them so much that they quit school and decide to weave baskets in Mexico. And sometimes, they get tattoos.

There's always laser removal, right?

Did your child ever come home with an unexpected tattoo? How did you handle it? Do they still love it? How many glasses of wine did you drink to stay calm?



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