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Don't Freak Out When Your Daughter Does This
When you have children, in many ways, your life is measured in benchmarks: first word, first steps, birthdays, the first day of school, high school graduation, and the first day of college. Oh and their first tattoo. Yeah, that was a shocker for me too.
Tips For Parents On Moving Into College Dorm
This weekend, a number of college students will be moving into their dorms, and many for the first time. As a parent, I know how hectic that can be...elevators that don't work, long lines of cars unpacking, not enough extension cords. Well, help is on the way.
University Dismisses Entire Student Body In Mass Email Fail
Every semester, college students find out whether or not their grades will keep them in good standing at their university. Recently, students at Eastern Michigan University received a disturbing email.
“As a result of your Winter 2012 academic performance, you have been dismissed from Eastern Michiga…

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