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Don't Freak Out When Your Daughter Does This
When you have children, in many ways, your life is measured in benchmarks: first word, first steps, birthdays, the first day of school, high school graduation, and the first day of college. Oh and their first tattoo. Yeah, that was a shocker for me too.
New Way to Put Out a Fire
I'm wondering if these two engineering students from George Mason University may have gotten their inspiration from Meghan Trainor - They have created a fire extinguisher that puts out fires with the power of sound (especially 'that bass').
Hamilton College Students Cover ‘Call Me Maybe’ With Sign Language & Alexander Hamilton
The ‘Call Me Maybe’ craze is growing.  Yesterday a video surfaced of Keith Urban singing the pop song a recent concert.  I also found another country version with Amber Leigh, Cookie Monster singing ‘Share it Maybe,’ and the Harvard baseball team dance.  Today, its three Hamilton College students who took a different approach.  They told the story of the Carly Rae Jepsen song through sign language

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