We all have those moments through-out the day where we need to let off some steam. The next time someone tells you to cool your temper and stop yelling, tell them to shut it! It's actually good for your health!

Don’t go yelling and screaming every time you get a little angry, I’m not telling you to turn into a Frankenstein, but an occasional venting when another driver cuts you off has some positive effects. Research shows that an occasional temper can ease your mind, improve athletic performance, and even help business negotiations.

According to Men's Health , Here are 5 reasons why you should exercise your temper once in a while:

  • Researchers found that competitive athletes who were angry but in control of their feelings played better.
  • Studies show that spouses are more likely to die younger if both partners held in their anger.
  • People who get angry at customer service are more likely to get what they want.
  • Men who suppress their anger at their jobs are more likely to have a heart attack.
  • Men who bottle up their anger are more likely to suffer hardened arteries and high blood pressure.

What are some of your anger techniques?