Woman sometimes have a special gift to attract men in many ways. What do men like the most?

A survey by Men's Health asked a group of guys "What's the one thing a woman you haven't met can do to get you to approach her? Here are the results:

  • Laugh and smile, 49%, my favorite on the list, I love a girl that can laugh and make me laugh!
  • Wink or stare, 31%, kind of cute.
  • Buy me a drink, 13%, I prefer Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Code Red ;)
  • Toss her hair, 2%, another cute thing Guys notice all the time!
  • Ignore me, 1%, who would answer yes to this?
  • Other, 4%

What do you do the most to grab a guy’s attention?

The photo I’ve used is Anne Hathaway laughing, Who doesn’t love her?