It's winter. It's cold. This time of year really seems to bring people down. Don't let it happen to you - fight those 'blah' feelings!

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Sunshine Counts!

It's too cold to go outside, but being stuck indoors for too long can really get to you. In the winter months, any day the sun is shining is a day to take advantage of. You don't have to go outside and freeze, but you can sit in the sunshine. Find a spot in your house where the sun is shining in, or a good spot you can see the sun shining outside. Sit there. Maybe read a book, go over your budget, whatever. Just feeling the warmth of the sun and getting some of that Vitamin D, goes a long way.

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Get Moving

Keeping your body active will help fight those winter blues. Again, if you don't want to go outside, you don't have to. Anything that gets you moving is good. Turn up the radio and dance around the house. (Seriously, do it. Not only is it fun and puts you in a great mood, it really is good for you!) If that feels too childish and silly for you (you're missing out on some fun), but you can always start up a workout routine at home.

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Remember Summer Is Coming

A wise woman told me that every day we gain about a minute of daylight in the morning, and another minute of daylight before the sun sets. Don't look at it as each minute, but look at it each month. Each month we are gaining about an hour of sunshine. Each day gets longer, warmer, and before we know it we'll be enjoying the spring and summer.

Spring will be here before you know it, and Summer will quickly follow. Keep your head up, winter won't last forever.



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