A doomed goat makes a dash for freedom, gets stuck, gets rescued...and is one step closer to world domination.

Earlier this week, a goat was spotted alongside Route 49 in Marcy, just doing goat things: eating grass, hanging out, and plotting to take over the planet while humans are quarantined.

Credit: NYS Troopers

Things escalated as our new Goat Overlord managed to climb up into the Route 49 overpass and get himself stuck.

Credit: NYS Troopers

After the goat's rescue, we learned a couple of important things:

  • It's a girl goat.
  • Girl goat was destined for a "rendering" plant (aka glue factory), so we're gonna assume she took off as a bold escape attempt.
Credit: NYS Troopers

Sherri Hartwell and Jessica Flint assisted the Maynard Fire Department and the New York State Troopers in the goat rescue, and also ponied up $150 to buy her from her previous owner.

Sherri explains that a friend called when she saw the goat loose, and things escalated quickly, "so two fire departments later, and a whole lot if running we caught her and I took her home to my farm. The man who owned her must have seen her on the news, because he called to claim her, said she had gotten loose on the way to be shipped for meat and he wanted her back. A quick Facebook post, and the money was raised to buy her and keep her safe."

Sherri tells us she has a farm where she has pet goats, and other animals.

Credit: Sherri Hartwell

We await your command, goat.

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