The first ever Boolermaker Kid's Run is this Saturday, October 26th at the Masonic Care Community.  1200 kids are expected to take part in this fun run.  Are your kids or grandkids going to run?  Here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind for the first ever Boolermaker Kid's Run, where getting fit isn't scary.                                                 

Boolermaker Do's:

1.  Arrive early.  There's limited parking available on the grounds of the Masonic Care Community.  Campus gates will close at 9:45am or as soon as the parking lot is full.

2.  Don't forget to bring the numbered ID label you were assigned at registration.  If you don't have it, you can't take part in the Boolermaker run.

3.  Wear sneakers that are suitable for running.

4.  Follow the instructions give by race and law enforcement officials.

5.  Depending on what the weather is like, dress appropriately.

6.  Make sure you're at your assigned start location 10 minutes before the run starts.

7.  Keep in mind that this is a run that's meant to be fun for kids.  It's not a race!

Boolermaker Don'ts:

1.  Don't enter Masonic Campus either through the main entrance or Acacia Village.  The course is set up in those areas and you won't be able to access parking.

2.  No pets are allowed.

3.  Don't run with a baby stroller.  It's a tripping hazard.

4.  Don't cross the course while the runs are going on.

5.  Don't wear costumes that cover the face or that pose a tripping hazard to a child.

6.  Parents, if your child is running either the 3/4 mile or one mile run, please don't run with them.

Have fun at the Boolermaker and stick around for the other Boolermaker activities happening on Campus,  like face painting and bobbing for apples.  Thank the volunteers too for a fun event!