Get ready to catch a drive-in movie at the NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse. The movies are being organized by the same vendor that been bringing pizza fritte and other foods to the Orange Lot for several weeks.

Drive-ins are experiencing a resurgence in popularity since the coronavirus shut down traditional movie theaters across the state. Last week, Arlington Acres in Lafayette, which is normally a wedding and event venue, hosted a sold out pop up drive-in - socially distancing 100 vehicles on their property and screening 'The Goonies.'

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In the Mohawk Valley, 'Gypsy Films' is organizing pop up drive in events with food trucks - the first scheduled for June 26th - June 27th, in place of the Clark Mills Firemen Field Days.

Now, Villa Pizza Fritte, the same state fair food vendor who has organized the State Fair Food Fest at the fairgrounds' Orange Lite each weekend, is planning on bringing the drive-in to the fairgrounds.

According to, the plan has been in the works for a while, but only recently got approved. Villa Pizza Fritte owner Grazi Zazzara says he hopes to fit 300 cars in the Orange lot, with appropriate social distancing. Details on when the screenings will start have not yet been released.

You can follow Villa Pizza Fritte on their Facebook page to watch for updates.


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