If you have a stash of redeemable cans and bottles, the Utica Zoo will take them off your hands.

Like most businesses, the Utica Zoo is facing difficulties as a result of the coronavirus shutdown. The zoo has been closed to visitors since mid-March, affecting zoo revenue, while expenses associated with caring for the zoo's animals have continued.

You can help support the zoo by dropping off your redeemable cans and bottles - right at the zoo.

To drop off, swing by the Utica Zoo parking lot and look for the black can and bottle receptacle in the grass to the right of the parking lot. If you are having trouble locating the receptacle, you may also leave bags near the A-Frame chalkboard sign at the front of the entrance plaza that states the Zoo is currently closed. If by chance the gate to the parking lot is closed, feel free to leave bags right at the gate and Zoo staff will collect them.

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The Zoo asks that you drop off your donation, but please don't loiter. "The Zoo is currently closed to the public to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak and we want to keep our on-grounds essential staff safe and healthy to continue providing our animals with the same top-level care they always receive."

You can also support the zoo by purchasing an annual membership, or donating to their emergency fund: http://uticazoo.org/donate/


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