Businesses have been partnering up left and right to create unique items that benefit both establishments. Whether it's a clothing line and a fast-food joint, or in this case, a coffee-chain and a brewery.

Just a few months ago, Taco Bell announced it was teaming up with Forever 21 to offer a Taco-Bell inspired line of clothing. And they're not the only ones to jump on the teamwork train, just look at Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge in Utica. They've created a lot of special chocolates and treats, using items from other businesses in Central New York. Sweet Escape has made holiday fruit snacks (that are wine-jelly candies), made with Black Cherry Wine from Mohawk Valley Winery. They've also created a Soft Caramel that's made with Saranac Brewery's "Caramel Porter."

And speaking of beer...

Dunkin Donuts has teamed up with a brewery for a special beer made from Dunkin Donuts coffee beans. According to Circa, the coffee-chain partnered with Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, Massachusetts to create "DDark Roasted Brew."

So is this new brew going to be packaged and shipped around the country? Will we see it in New York anytime soon?

Probably not. Circa says the "DDark Roasted Brew" is only available at the Wormtown Brewery. Although, with every unique combination, if it takes off and does really well (as in, there's a high demand for it), there may be a discussion to start bottling and shipping the concoction out. We'll have to wait and see about that, though.

In the meantime, you can always check for a six-pack of Saranac's "Cold Brew Coffee Lager." You should be able to get it at Marcy Discount Beverage or even Beer Belly Bob's in Ilion. Don't wait though, it's getting harder and harder to find.




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