Whether it's for a simple but meaningful Valentine, a treat for a child or just because nothing says love like pepperoni pizza, here's an idea for an easy, fun dinner: heart-shaped pepperoni pizza.

To make the special pepperoni, there are two ways you can go.  If you're petty handy with a paring knife, cut slices of pepperoni into heart shapes.  Or, to ensure heart uniformity, get a heart shaped cookie cutter.

For the meat, stay away from the small pepperoni in the shrink-wrapped package. Head to your grocer's deli counter and get the sandwich pepperoni.  Those slices are much larger and give you room to cut out your hearts - plus you can snack on the trimmings.

Place the pepperoni on a cheese pizza.  The choice is yours on were you get the pizza from - restaurant, frozen or home make are all OK choices because your pepperoni is the star of this meal!