Personally, I think the Utica area as a whole has some pretty amazing sights to see. I asked on Facebook this past Friday what places would give a great first impression of the Utica/Rome area. Here's some of the responses I got, in no particular order (with website tags, in case, you know, he's magically looking at this article. Hi Mr. President:)

  1. Utica Zoo
  2. Adirondack Scenic Railroad
  3. Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute 
  4. Cayo Industrial Horror Relm (hey, it's almost October already - maybe he'll be back)
  5. Varick Street - The FX Matt Brewery, The Celtic Harp, The Stief, Nail Creek, etc.
  6. The Train Station
  7. Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site
  8. He could bring his son to the Utica Children's Museum

What do you think should be added to this list?

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