A little guy in England received an invoice for missing his friend's birthday party.     Alex Nash from Plymouth, England was planning on going to his buddy's birthday party over Christmas break.  His parents initially agreed to let Alex attend but had a last minute change of plans which led to him missing the bash. Alex's father said he did not have any contact information to notify the other child's parents to let them know that he would not be able to go.

When Alex got home from school a couple days ago, he handed his dad a brown envelope that was slipped into his nap sack by his teacher. When Mr. Nash opened it, he pulled out an invoice in the amount of 15.95 pounds or $24 US dollars from the birthday boy's mother. It was a bill for missing her son's birthday party.

The bill, dated Dec. 14, lists "1 Childs Party No Show Fee" at a cost of 15.95 pounds, or $24.

Mr. Nash has commented that he has no intention of paying the "not so jolly" woman. He also believes she has a serious fish and chip on her shoulder.

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