Dinner and ghost stories for Halloween? Yes, please!

Forget the haunted house this Halloween. Enjoy an evening dining with spirits and hearing ghost stories at an iconic haunted Central New York Inn, if you dare.

Dinner With the Spirits

Join The Brae Loch Inn in Cazenovia, New York, and Soul Searchers Paranormal Research for an evening that will satisfy your appetite and your appetite for the paranormal. Two Dinner with the Spirits events will be held this October, one on the 15th and another on the 22nd, both at 6 PM.

Credit- Brae Lock Inn via Facebook
Credit- Brae Lock Inn via Facebook

Borodino to Cazenovia

Brae Loch Inn was once known as Hill Lake Inn. It first opened in 1946 as a summer-only restaurant in an old farmhouse originally located in Borodino, New York, on a hilltop overlooking Skaneateles Lake. In 1950 Adam Scotty Brown and his wife Eva relocated to the present site, the former William Burr Estate built in 1805 - a place said to be haunted.

Sightings of a ghostly girl in a long blue dress and orbs floating through canopy beds have already been reported by guests.

Credit - Brae Loch Inn via Facebook
Credit - Brae Loch Inn via Facebook

Ghostly Getaway

What or who will the Soul Searchers uncover next? Hear ghost stories from staff after dinner, and inquire about taking a guided ghost tour of the Inn during the two Dinner with the Spirits events. You can even enhance your experience by making it an overnight stay with a ghostly getaway package.

Tickets are $40 per person for the dinner and can be reserved by calling 315-655-3431. Get more details on the ghostly getaways at Hauntedhistorytrail.com.

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