I've been hearing about the legendary East Utica Italian joint known as Pelletteri Joe's (927 Jay Street, Utica) since I moved to Central New York six years ago.  Today I finally convinced a co-worker, Dave After Dark, to grab lunch there with me.

What an experience!

I'd been told a few of the ground rules:

*Don't ask for butter

*Know what you you want before they come to take your order

I wasn't quite prepared for of the rules I didn't know:

*Wait at the bar to be acknowledged

*Wait at the bar after acknowledgement to place your order

* Wait the the bar after acknowledgement and placing your order to be seated even though there may be 3 or 4 open tables

*Wait at your table after you have been acknowledged and ordered.

The food was good, and worth the wait.

I had the antipasti and ziti.  I am curious, however, there were plenty of things coming out of the kitchen that didn't seem to be on the menu board.

So I'm anxious for you to tell me, what else should I know before my next trip to Joe's?