After a grueling, nine-nation race, the Fabulous Beekman Boys -- Josh and Brent, of Sharon Springs -- won "The Amazing Race" and $1 million on Sunday night's finale.

The Beekman Boys had not won a previous leg of the race, but were able to gain ground during the final two legs. Josh was the first to complete the final challenge, a 2 hour, 30-minute ordeal in which teams had to match the "Hello" and "Goodbye" from each nation they visited to the corresponding flag outside the United Nations in New York.

Consistently one of the last groups to finish a challenge, the Beekman Boys narrowly edged twins Nadiya and Natalie in the first hour in France to make it to the final three teams.

Then, the Beekman Boys struggled delivering pizzas in NYC, which had dropped them into last place against the leaders -- couple Trey and Lexi and Chippendale friends Jaymes and James.

But Josh came through during the final language challenge, and the Beekman Boys beat Jaymes and James to the finish line.

Josh, who had been working in New York City while Brent remained on the Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, said that they will use the money to pay off the mortgage and physically be together on the farm full-time.

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