Early this morning (Tuesday), Facebook and Instagram went down for about an hour. With all the threat of hackers these days, that's what was believed to have caused the outage. That's not the case, however...


According to Facebook, the outage was because of an internal fault and not an attack from hackers. They made a change that ended up effecting their configuration systems, which in turn, ended up causing the outage.

A hacker group attempted to take credit for the disruption to Facebook, but their claims were not true.

According to a report from Yahoo News,

"If you run a service with the capacity (and complexity) to deliver media for hundreds of millions of users, it's inevitable that things don't always go according to plan," said Steve Santorelli, a former London police detective and now a researcher at U.S. threat intelligence firm Team Cymru.

Santorelli advised Facebook and Instagram users to change their passwords and look over their privacy settings, just as a precaution.

Along with Facebook and Instagram, Tinder, Hipchat, and a few other apps and web services also went down due to the outage, but have since gone back up. Facebook says their services are back up 100 percent to everyone.

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