With all the news about Ashley Madison accounts being exposed, it gets you thinking: How many people had accounts in the Utica/Rome area of Central New York? The short answer, a lot more than you probably though.

Tecnilogica put together a handy interactive map detailing how many users came from each city. You can zoom in ANYWHERE in the world and find out how many were registered to certain cities.

In Utica alone, over 9,400 members were registered to the site. Out of that, more than 85% were men registered. On the map we were unable to find Rome. Near Rome though, our towns and villages had a lot of visitors: Oneida had over 1,200 members, New Hartford had over 1,000 members, and Syracuse had a high 17,000 members listed. In the Valley Herkimer had 490 members, Mohawk 257 members, and Ilion 426 members.

You can take a look at the map above and click on individual dots when you zoom in on Central New York.

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