You can't beat the convenience of an automated car wash. The drive-thru washers dot roadsides throughout CNY. You insert your credit card or cash, drive in, and the wash arms do the rest. When your wash is done, you simply drive away...unless hackers have taken over.

According to,

A group of security researchers have found vulnerabilities in internet-connected drive-through car washes that would let hackers remotely hijack the systems to physically attack vehicles and their occupants. The vulnerabilities would let an attacker open and close the bay doors on a car wash to trap vehicles inside the chamber, or strike them with the doors, damaging them and possibly injuring occupants.

Imagine that? There you are, just trying to get some of that CNY dirt off your vehicle, and WHAM, stuck in the carwash - or worse, your car gets deliberately damaged by hackers.

Why can't hacker use their skills for good; set it up so everyone gets the extra underbody wash? says hackers targeted the software that runs the popular PDQ Laserwash equipment. A spokesperson for that company says they are aware of the issues and are working with their technical teams to address the security issues.

Maybe a bucket and a sponge is the better choice right now...unless you can hack a garden hose.




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