Honestly, it is probably a great idea. We obsess over social media, checking it constantly and it literally influences us in certain terms of our lives.

Now Facebook and Instagram are doing something that you might want to take advantage of: you can turn off seeing how many likes OTHER PEOPLE'S posts have. So, you will just see a caption and the comments underneath the picture, not a number of likes or who liked it.

You can also turn it off so nobody can see how many likes YOU GET on a post. So, it will work both ways.

How do you turn off the likes on your Facebook or Instagram posts?

Go to settings --- > 'Posts' and then you will see the option there to enable and disable. You will also have the ability to turn the likes on and off on a post by post basis.

Apparently, this has been in the works at Facebook and Instagram for the past couple of years, but got derailed because of the COVID pandemic. They started the new feature back in 2019. Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion. Back then, it seemed like such a lot of money for the company that only had 13 employees, but the company grew and grew into what it is today!

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