History is always fun to dive into. Reddit can be a rabbit hole of weird facts sometimes.

The question was asked "Whats a fact from history that sounds completely fake" on Reddit. Many users came up with some pretty interesting answers:

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Facts From History That Sound Completely Fake But Are Real


Reader's Digest also highlights some other great ones:

1) Urine was used as a mouthwash by ancient Romans.

Human urine was so valuable to ancient Romans that it was collected from public urinals and even taxed when sold. Urine was used for many purposes, but most amusingly, it was used for dental hygiene. Romans used the urine to clean and whiten their teeth. The active ingredient being ammonia, which is a proven stain remover."

2) Peter the Great kept the head of his wife’s lover in her bedroom.

Once Peter the Great discovered his wife Catherine’s unfaithfulness to their marriage with William Mons, the ruler had the man beheaded. He asked that the head of William be placed in a jar with alcohol. It was required that the jar remains in Catherine’s bedroom until Peter’s death so that she could be constantly reminded of her affair."

History is a weird, weird subject.

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