People can surprise you. I was in Kohl's in New Hartford, when the goodness of people, the idea of people doing the right thing, really came through.

I decided I needed a little retail therapy. After moving out here two months ago, I figured it was time to buy a few things for my home, and get a few things for myself as well.

I headed into Kohl's - which was my go-to-store back in Michigan. Spent a good chunk of money (not going to lie, it felt good). As I went to pay for my things, I got talking to the cashier. It was just small talk about moving out here, things she thought I should go see, and the stuff I bought for my home.

Kohl's in New Hartford
Naomi Lynn/TSM

I am scatter-brained. I was so distracted talking with the cashier, I never got my change back (and no fault to the cashier, we were both just enjoying the conversation). Now, if it was like fifteen dollars or something, I wouldn't have worried about it. It wasn't though, it was more than fifty dollars.

The problem was I didn't realize I didn't get my change back until I had already gotten home. I headed back up to Kohl's and talked with their customer service representative. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do for me until they counted out the drawer - and I would have to wait the next day.

That's when I got a little worried about it. I mean, it would be pretty easy for the cashier to pocket that money, or the company to tell me that the drawer wasn't over, and they didn't owe me any money. I figured that fifty-some-odd dollars was gone. Which would be rough.

To my surprise, I got a call from Kohl's the next day. They told me that the drawer was over, and they had my money waiting for me in the customer service area.

It would have been so easy to ignore my call, or for someone to pocket that extra money. They didn't though. They did the right thing. Nothing better than that!

Faith in Humanity restored.

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