When old ships are no longer usable, they're left to rot and decay in the murky Arthur Kill waterway in Long Island. Getting there may present a problem, but fortunately we've got drone footage of this explorers paradise.

The little kid in us can't help but want to investigate this intriguing, and eerie graveyard. It's the place where all good ships go to die. The Arthur Kill ship graveyard on Long Island appeals to adventure seekers and history buffs alike. Don't tread in their space though, you'll most likely find yourself locked up behind bars.

If the "No Trespassing," and "Beware of Dog" signs don't keep curious tourists at bay, the spooky, and marshy surroundings most likely will. According to Onlyinyourstate.com:

The place is full of rusted, broken metal that once served a a much greater purpose. Kayakers that have explored the area, along with this footage below, confirms that there are less than 25 “dead” ships remaining.



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