If you are looking for an escape from all the negative stories out there you need to read the story of Fig and Goose. This dog and cat friendship is one that will not only melt your heart, but will teach you a lesson as well.

Mallory Faffley is a Utica resident and her family has been blessed with a new baby recently, but before that she and her husband Matt had fur babies. First came Goose the lovable Golden Retriever. Goose was about to turn two-years-old and an opportunity presented itself to Mallory she couldn't pass up.

Mallory Faffley
Mallory Faffley

Mallory says, "I rescued Fig when we got back from our honeymoon in April of 2019. He had a broken tail and was full of fleas, but he was so sweet and just needed love! Goose was just about to turn two and I decided he needed a friend." She had read a ton and heard from friends that orange male cats were the sweetest. When the opportunity arose for her to get one, she drove an hour to do it.

"I just set the carrier on the counter when I got home with the door open and let him come out in his own time. Next thing I knew they were obsessed with each other! He really acts more like a dog; we call him our cat-dog," said Mallory. Now the fur-friendship has truly blossomed and Fig acts just like his canine counterpart. With the arrival of Mallory and Matt's baby, it has really completed the family. Fig comes and goes but always joins Goose, Mallory and the baby in their morning snuggles.

As you can see in the video above, Fig and Goose will always play fight and rough house but usually end with a cuddle or kiss. Fig also engages in daily Goose cleaning and grooming. Mallory has had cats in the past as a child but never expected she'd have a cat like Fig. The fact that the two get along so well is truly an anomaly.

The lesson to learn here is despite the age-old tales of cat VERSUS dog, Fig and Goose prove to everyone that no matter how different you may be, you can always find common ground and even love. Take a play from their playbook. Take time to get to know others before judging them. This is truly a story of the perfect fur-friendship. Mallory says, "We’re so happy that Goose actually ended up with a friend that he needed to play with! Fig is basically a golden retriever version of a cat: smart, loving, great with kids, a true family dog!"

Enjoy more of their loving moments.

Fig And Goose Teach Us Invaluable Lesson About Love

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