Construction crews working on the renovations to the Utica Memorial Auditorium discovered a time capsule from the original Aud construction dating back to 1958.

According to, the capsule contained some coins, a newspaper from 1960 and a 16mm film you can watch above.

The film had to be sent out to be developed, but when it came back everyone was stunned.

The film has footage of the Utica Memorial Auditorium's original construction, along with shots of then Utica Mayor John Mckennan and lead engineer Lev Zetlin. says they believe the two are signing approval papers for the Aud construction.

You'll see the beginnings of the Aud's birth in Utica as well as shots of the inside of the building and the ahead-of-it's-time cable-supported roof system.

After watching the film, Aud officials made the decision to continue the time-capsule with another that will be buried for future generations to discover.

The new capsule will include a newspaper from the day in 2013 when the return of the Comets to Utica was announced, pucks from the Comets and Utica College Pioneers, a 2013 Comets yearbook, photos and video of the current construction, and a newspaper from the day the capsule is closed will also be added.

The current expansion at the Aud is the first major structural construction project since it was first built.

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