The city of Little Falls (pictured below) provided a great backdrop for one of 2018's biggest and best movies. Could it happen again?

View of Little Falls from the Trailer for 'A Quiet Place'
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures via YouTube

Rumors grew stronger today about the acclaimed horror film "A Quiet Place" returning to New York State for filming. John Krasinski was spotted Wednesday afternoon at the Candy Apple Cafe just northeast of Buffalo. The actor-director has been writing the sequel and now may be scouting locations for "A Quiet Place 2."

He posed for pictures with fans (who posted on Facebook) in the village of Akron, home of the ominous-sounding Murder Creek, which could be one of the locations Krasinski and his team are considering.

The original movie was filmed during the summer of 2017 at locations in and around Little Falls, Pawling, New Paltz and Beacon, New York.

It's expected that Krasinski will once again direct his wife Emily Blunt and the two child actors who starred in the original. It's unknown if Krasinski's character, who apparently died in "A Quiet Place," will return in some form.

Production is scheduled to commence in July, with the sequel set for a theater release date of May 15, 2020.

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