FilmStruck is one of the best streaming subscription services out there, giving folks access to a huge variety of classic and culturally important movies we otherwise wouldn’t even know exist. Turner, the company that operates FilmStruck, and Warner Bros. Digital have reached a new agreement that’ll see classic Warner Bros. titles added to FilmStruck’s library.

If you have a list of those movies that you’ve been meaning to watch but just can’t find anywhere, soon you’ll be able to flip to FilmStruck for titles like CasablancaRebel Without a CauseSingin’ in the RainCitizen KaneThe Music Man, Bringing Up Baby, The Thin Man, Cat People, A Night at the Opera, An American in Paris, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

“FilmStruck offers movie lovers instant access to the greatest films from every genre and every decade — from Casablanca to Seven Samurai to This Is Spinal Tap,” Jennifer Dorian, general manager of FilmStruck and TCM, said (via The Hollywood Reporter). “Adding Hollywood classics into the service was a direct response to consumer demand and we’re thrilled to continue growing our award-winning film library while building the ultimate streaming movie service for serious film fans.”

When the deal goes into effect, Warner Archive’s digital streaming subscription will shut down, but if you have a subscription to that, don’t worry, because all users will be given a FilmStruck subscription in its place. FilmStruck is also planning on some theme curation, like “Star of the Week” and “Neo-Noir” series.

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