Who is heartless enough to shoot an arrow through a cat's neck, leaving it for dead? It happened in New York and there's a reward being offered to find the jerk responsible.

The cat is a stray that hangs around Nimham Road in the town of Kent. Residents have been known to leave food out for it on occasion. It was last seen alive two days before being found with an arrow shot through its neck.

A concerned resident called the Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement Division that took the poor cat to Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster, New York.

The arrow, a “Terminator Select 6075”, was removed. "The fletching and arrow point both appear to have been cut off, so the arrow was just a shaft," the SPCA said.

Credit - Putnam County SPCA (NY)
Credit - Putnam County SPCA (NY)

The male gray and white cat wasn't neutered and may have been 1-2 years old. A concerned citizen offered a $250 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the cruel person responsible. Another matched it, bringing the total reward to $500.

Credit - Putnam County SPCA (NY)
Credit - Putnam County SPCA (NY)

Anyone with information on who might have shot and killed this cat is asked to please contact the Putnam County SPCA at 845-520-6915. All calls will be kept confidential.

The Putnam County SPCA is an independent organization that is not funded by the state and the only animal charity with police powers, able to enforce the animal cruelty statutes. You can report any animal abuse at SPCAPutnam.org.

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