You know in old cartoons where firefighters have to rescue poor little kitties that run up trees? We asked a firefighter if there was any truth behind this scenario.

Who would call the fire department because their cat ran up a tree? 911 is for life and death emergencies right? A cat that ran off isn't an emergency... Is it?

When we sat down with Jack Graham of the Old Forge Fire Department for "Firefighter Friday" a few weeks back, we asked him about this question that has been on our mind for a while: Do people actually call the fire department because their cat is stuck in a tree?

To our surprise, they DO get calls for cats in trees. Actually it happens a lot more than you would probably think (unless you've called 911 for this reason, then you could probably guess). But there's a reason behind these calls, something we didn't think of. Jack explains the reason in the short video at the top of this page.

So to answer the age-old question: Do firefighters really have to rescue cats out of trees, the short answer is yes.

...Now you know.





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