Firefighter Friday is back! This week we would like to focus on Richard Johnson, a hard-working, extremely dedicated man who had the dream of being a firefighter since he was a young kid.

Richard Johnson has been with the Sylvan Beach Fire Department for the last 20 years, and was promoted to Chief of the department three years ago (which happened to be one of his dreams).

His brother Gary (who was the one to nominate him), wrote that Rick wanted to be a firefighter since he was a kid. He wrote,

Ever since he was a kid riding around on his bike with a "blue light" attached to pretend to go to calls he has aspired to be the Chief for the beach.

Gary also mentioned that Rick isn't just the Chief of the Sylvan Beach Fire Department, he is also an EMT for North Shore Ambulance and a police officer for Frankfort Police Department. On top of all that, he still finds time to do training with the department every week. That seems like just way too much for one person to do, but as we've noticed from all the firefighters we've interviewed for "Firefighter Friday," they somehow find time and energy to take on so many jobs. And Rick is no different.

On the nomination sheet, Gary also explained that Sylvan Beach doubles in the size of its residents and tourists in the summer, which increases the calls the department gets. He mentioned that sometimes the firefighters have to go from a medical call, and by the time they get back to the station they have to turn around and go to a boat rescue. But with all the calls that come in and the different types of emergencies, Rick continues to train and help the other members of the department be able to move from one emergency to the next in the most proficient way. You can hear everything Gary had to say about his brother in the video (at the top of this page).

For all that Richard Johnson does as a firefighter, as an EMT, as a police officer, and everything else he does for the community, we want to give him a big "Thank You," and we're proud to recognize him as this week's featured firefighter for "Firefighter Friday." Again, thank you Richard.

If you know a firefighter who deserves recognition for the job they do, or you yourself are a firefighter, nominate them (or yourself) for "Firefighter Friday." They (or you) may just be our next featured firefighter.





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